Dear Friends,

Augustine lived and wrote in the city of Hippo in what is now Algeria around 400 AD.


He wrote the following statement …

“You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.”

Gods people have been made for God, to glorify Him and serve Him. If we lose sight of that we lose sight of the purpose of our lives. As we find our rest through faith in Jesus Christ so we find our God given purpose in life.

This finds expression in the Gospel being central to all we do at Holy Trinity. That’s been the case since 1846 when Holy Trinity was established. It’s seen in the way we live out the Gospel in our community and the outworking of that in Biblical love… “Where the Gospel is lived and people are loved”

We recently completed a short series of sermons looking at the meaning and application of this to ourselves as a Church family. Our desire as a Church family is to see the Gospel understood, lived out in every area of life, for each member to be doing this. This is the heart of ministry involving the local church.

Those of us who serve in a pastoral capacity at Holy Trinity are here precisely for the purpose of equipping each individual to use their spiritual gifts to the full.

We serve together with a church council and other leaders seeking Gods wisdom and help in building His church.

Bible teachers are given by Christ to train the people of God with the Word of God for ministries that will grow churches in Spiritual unity and maturity in Christ: “To equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up.” Ephesians 4:11-13



Doniwen and Claudia Pietersen and Daniel and Amy De Freitas have joined us formally this year! As Daniel and Doniwen settle into ministry here they bring many gifts and ideas which are already translating into Gospel ministry. After training at GWC where he met Claudia, Doniwen studied teaching and has taught for 2 years at the Vine School. Daniel studied and worked as a chef for a while before going to GWC. He met Amy there and the rest is history! It’s great to have their energy and enthusiasm! (Special welcome too to little Madison Pietersen who joined Holy Trinity just a few weeks after her parents!)

Bridget Parr, with the merger of Point Community and Holy Trinity serves with us full time in ministering to women. She is a missionary with SIM. She is growing in her counseling skills as she studies through the CCEF counseling program and has a great gift for reaching and helping women who are wanting to understand more about Christ. Bridget in her previous life studied for and worked as a biokinetisist. She runs some Pilates courses which have been great opportunities to build Gospel relationships with people and introduce them to Holy Trinity. She is in the process of training a number of women to teach the Bible in small groups.

Coby & Pamela McGinty have come to us as missionaries with Mission to the World, the missions arm of the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) Besides their work reaching and discipling students with ReachStudents at UCT they serve us in a number of ways including giving leadership in men’s ministry and counselling. Coby ran his own business for many years and is passionate about coaching younger men in skills which will not only enable them to serve God more effectively but also be more effective in the workplace. Pamela has much experience in counselling and is also studying through CCEF. (Christian counselling education foundation) They have been married 28 years and have helped in various marriage programs we have run at Holy Trinity.


Kath Wiseman helps coordinate and plan our steadily growing children’s ministry (Epic Kids) She serves us on a part time basis while doing other work and running her home.


Sunday evening-core group has been meeting for training in running the Life Series- a 6 week course designed to introduce people to the Christian faith. This will launch the first Sunday evening in May with supper. It’s the perfect way to bring a friend to hear and discuss the Gospel in a user friendly manner.

Young adults group:


We have increasing numbers of young working people who are moving into the city. A number have joined our church recently and there have already been some good events with this group. There is a weekend away at the Barrows farm at Villiersdorp from 26-28 April. Book your spot now-speak to Doniwen or Daniel.

Freedom Community Festival 


Saturday 6 April from 10:00-2:00. Plenty of fun and good food, things to buy and a special focus on human trafficking by A21 an organization focused on helping women and children caught up in 21st century slavery. How you can help…?


Host a stall with homemade or other interesting products – contact Bridget (0719410997)

Donate clothes or “thrift” items – contact Jesse (0728446122). Donate any other way – contact Daniel (0615174394)

Serve with set-up, our kids programme, or behind a stall – contact Daniel (0615174394)

Invite everyone and anyone – this is a great opportunity to bring a friend to church

Be there to welcome our community

Please Pray – if God is not in this, we labour in vain

A new growth group for women students has started at the Student Y Women’s house just up the road from the Church- Bridget, Yolisa and Elsabe are the contact people.

We want to start a new group in Vredehoek as there are a number of people who still need a group to be involved in. If you live in Vredehoek and are able to host a group like this one weeknight please contact Alan 0823931853

If you live anywhere in or near the city/Atlantic seaboard, and are eager to see a growth group started in your home or if you have friends who are asking questions and wanting to discuss the Christian faith and would like to work with us to host either an event or a series of Exploring Christianity studies– please speak to any of us on staff. We want to help you to reach your friends!

The Gardens Nook pre school


There are now about 20 children in the grades leading up to and including grade R. Nicolette Skead heads up the school with a gifted group of teachers. It’s great having our facilities used daily by a Christian school with such an excellent model of education. A few of our parents have their children in the school and this is only likely to grow as the school develops. Gardens Nook is in the process of affiliating with Ambleside which is an international Christian school network with a thorough Biblical framework and an excellent curriculum. Our garden provides a secure and fun place for these children during their outdoor times.

Property development


Last year saw our pavement reclaimed and garden redone with a secure perimeter fence. This has created a great space for outdoor events with a beautiful view of Table Mountain! Our Carol service, welcome braai and Friday night Student Y program have all used this with great effect and whenever the weather cooperates we have our tea/coffee outdoors which makes it much easier for people to connect with each other.


There is more work to do yet in order to maximize the beautiful property God has given us. We want to develop parking on the right hand side as you enter with the smaller driveway gate being the access point. We need to begin looking at our auditorium and upstairs hall in terms of being able to increase capacity and enable them to be used for various kinds of meetings and training. We need to move our toilets upstairs. These are all longer term plans but important for effective Gospel ministry.

Christian counselling network and wellness workshops


We are privileged to have a number of people who are Christian psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors. This group has already organized a few workshops on various aspects of depression and anxiety. These have been very well attended and more are planned. There is a huge need and great opportunity to serve our Churches and train and equip gifted people.

The next event is Monday 6 May.

Men and women’s ministry

This last weekend was our 3rd men’s weekend away. It’s steadily growing each year and the beauty of the setting with great food and teaching provides an excellent opportunity for men to encourage each other in their faith.


Our Friday 6:30 am men’s reading group meets weekly with outstanding discussion. Coby is also helping a number of men to grow in 1-1 Bible reading. Women’s ministry is planning a weekend away later in the year as well as the women’s convention at St James on Saturday 25 May.



The Beadles will be with us in June and July. We will have opportunity to fellowship with them and hear about the remarkable way God is at work amongst unreached people. They are needing accommodation from July 7-31st Do you have or know of accommodation for a family of 5 during that time?

Tanya Jarvis will be with us much the same time. Please pray for her rest and encouragement as with the Beadles.

The Student Y on CPUT campus continues to reach students from all over South Africa and Africa. Rob Walker and Trevor Nicholas can give you more information on their program. As we live out “Where the Gospel is lived and people are loved” so our prayer is that students who come to Holy Trinity will find a Gospel centered, inviting community.

Finally…please keep your personal prayer and Bible reading central in your life. Our personal holiness and growth in Godliness is the foundation of our witness to a watching world.

We have seen that Satan is like a roaring lion waiting to devour.

Let us not be caught unprepared, pray for our Church family, for those of us who lead that we may honour God in every area of our lives. Without Gods help we have nothing and labour in vain. With God’s help, through the power of His Spirit we have all the resources we need to glorify Him.