Our Concern.

Dear friends

By now you will all be aware of the steps taken and announced by our President in the battle against the spread of the Corona Virus (Covid19) We are grateful to God for the wisdom and courage that has enabled our leaders to act decisively.

Given that we are more than 100 people, we will, from Sunday, 22nd March, no longer be able to gather as usual. 
More than sticking to the letter of the law though, we want to follow advice gleaned from numerous sources indicating that disciplined social distancing will have a great effect on reducing the rate of Covid19 infections within our community. This means we are for the time being ending all activities which involve groups. 

We would rather err on the side of caution out of concern for many in our community both church and local who, due to underlying health conditions, could face death if they are exposed to Covid19. 

We will do this till at least after Easter but we have no idea how long this crisis will last. God knows.

Our Response.

Sunday Services

This limitation provides an opportunity for us to build Church@home. Church@home is the opportunity for you, family and friends to meet around God’s word via a pre-recorded service which includes reading, prayer and preaching – delivered to you by the end of each week. More info will follow in Friday’s ‘HT Weekly’ email.

In order to keep good habits, we encourage you to do Church@home at the same time as your usual service attendance at 10am on Sundays. You may consider using this as an opportunity to invite over a church member or two who you know does not have access to Wifi and would find this limited social interaction beneficial.

We will also be sending devotional material, material for parents to use with children as part of the Sunday school program along with regular ideas and resources to help you in your spiritual growth. 


Growth Groups

There are many at Holy Trinity who do not have a family to support them in a time like this. The Growth Groups are critical in this situation. Growth Groups will be serving as pastoral hubs for the care and encouragement of those who are involved in them. If you are not in such a group we would like to help you find a group as a matter of urgency. Please contact any of us on staff in this regard.

Growth Group teaching will continue via the medium of Zoom. Zoom is an online facility which enables groups of people to participate together in online discussion. We will have the opportunity to discuss the Bible together using this. For Zoom you will need either a smart phone, tablet or laptop/PC with access to WiFi. If you are in a Growth Group someone in that group will contact you to ensure you can set up Zoom.

The Bible study material will also be sent through ahead of time for you to work through on your own/as a couple should you not have access to Wifi. Our deep concern is for us to hold on to our times set aside for the study of God’s word.

Our Commitment.


We believe that God is completely sovereign over the current situation we find ourselves in. In other words, He hasn’t left the throne, He rules, He orders and provides.
What is He doing through this turmoil? One thing we know for certain, the certainty of death and the uncertainty of wealth and possessions have been clearly revealed. There are many who, while they are seeking to prepare themselves for Covid19, who are daily concerned about share portfolios and investments, have made absolutely no preparation for eternity. They are in the greatest need.



There will be many in our Church community who will go through some form of financial hardship. Please keep your eyes open for needs and don’t stop contributing to the ministry of HeartStrings. This ministry depends on your gifts of food. 
Please complete this questionnaire to help us asses your needs as well as areas where you may be able to serve in this time. Expect that God will use you and your gifts to build up the body, to serve Gods people and to reach out to those without Christ. Be ready to be used and pray expecting God to work through you.



Any situation like the one we face at the moment can cause us to be overcome by fear and uncertainty. But it is also an opportunity for us to grow in our faith in and dependence on the Lord. We know that the Lord will use this for the growth of His people and for the conversion of others. Let us be much in prayer for this outcome! 

Please do not forget to pray for the Beadles in Central Asia and Tanya in the Middle East at this time. Please also be aware of the difficult situation many of our CPUT and UCT students face as they have to vacate their student residences. Pray for wisdom for Student Y staff Rob and Trevor, Coby & Pamela with Reach students UCT and Grant & Lokie with Reach students NMU. 


In order to keep Holy Trinity alive financially, we are also asking those of you who give weekly to put your usual weekly collection aside every Sunday as part of your worship of the Lord. You can make arrangements with us to drop this at the office during the week. Alternatively, you may want to give via EFT on a monthly basis as many of you do.

Our Resources.

  • For helpful Christian response to world/life matters –
  • Free Ebook The Final Days of Jesus: The Most Important Week of the Most Important Person Who Ever Lived by Andreas J. Köstenberger and Justin Taylor – Click here

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